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Zitozza was founded in Fife, Scotland, in 2020 by Hungarian-born designer Zita Katona after a decade-long career zig-zagging between graphic and textile design. It’s a brand that helps design conscious urban dwellers decorate with their individual styles and complete their homes with unique and sustainable block printed interior décor.
Zitozza products are lampshades, rugs and cushions, handmade in Scotland with natural jute. Everything is hand block printed with a modular system of uniform printing blocks that are largely the same size, creating an interchangeable pattern design system of infinite combinations and fully customisable, unique designs.
The printing blocks are organised in 19 different sets making two main collections: the MODERN sets are more geometric and are inspired by brutalism and the built environment, while the HERITAGE sets are more botanical and take elements from traditional textile heritage - this is a combination of both the Scottish and Eastern European influences. Natural jute is used due to both its tactile, coarse texture and its environmental benefits and sustainable qualities as zitozza believes in embracing the present and taking responsibility for the future.

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