FAQ’S – Traders

1. What are Market Seasons?
Seasons are the blocks into which our markets are divided. Each season has its own application form, opening, and closing dates. Applications do not carry over, so makers must apply for each season. This allows new makers to join us throughout the year.

2. Is payment required all at once?
Yes, for each season we will send the dates for your payment submission along with an invoice and confirmation email.

3. What is the Young Maker space?
This is one free table at certain markets for young makers under the age of 18, sponsored by Coulter’s Property in Portobello.

4. What is the Crumb’s Maker of the Month?
This is a maker highlighted by Crumb’s of Portobello on both their and our social media platforms.

5. Will there be other events happening during the market?
Yes, we have creative workshops taking place on the stage of Portobello Town Hall. We facilitate four workshops per market: two in the morning (11:00am – 1:00pm) and two in the afternoon (2:00pm – 4:00pm), each for up to 8 attendees. Workshops are hosted on the stage up a small flight of stairs. We also occasionally have live music, choir performances, and other creatives joining us.

6. Do we offer discounts for multiple bookings?

7. How many attendees can be at each table?
A maximum of two people per table.

8. Do we offer tables and chairs?
Yes, we provide standard 180cm x 90cm tables and chairs as part of your table booking.

9. What are the arrival time, setup period, and packing up time?
Setup starts one hour before the market opens to the public. All traders must arrive at least 30 minutes before the market opens. Late arrivals (less than 30 minutes before opening) will not be allowed to trade. Packing up is within one hour after the market closes. Please read individual venue booking info for specifics.

10. Do the venues have Wi-Fi?
Portobello Town Hall does not have Wi-Fi. Greyfriars Hall and St Giles Cathedral do. We will share Wi-Fi access details at the start of each market.

11. Do we provide power points for each maker?
No, we advise that all table displays be set up without access to power.

12. Do we allow table sharing?
No, each maker must have their own application and table.

13. How should makers accept payments?
Makers manage their own sales, which can be both cash and card.

14. Do we provide tablecloths?
We provide a tablecloth for Young Makers. Greyfriars Hall provides plain white tablecloths. For all other venues, please bring your own tablecloth.

15. What parking is available?
All venues have limited street parking. Greyfriars Hall has some parking options available, which will be shared with your booking confirmation.

16. Where are the market dates listed?
All our market dates are noted on the market tab on our website. We update the list with any new dates or venues.

17. What is your newsletter?
This is our monthly news shared in addition to our social media updates.

18. Do we provide hanging rails or print browsers?
No, makers must provide these if required and discuss with management to ensure space is available.

19. Are our markets accessible?
Yes, but please double-check with us if you have any concerns.

20. Are toilets available?

21. Are refreshments available?

  • Portobello Town Hall: We have a resident coffee trader.
  • Greyfriars Hall: Part of Virgin Hotels.
  • St Giles: No onsite refreshments; hot drinks are not allowed to be brought in.

22. Can we leave early?
If you sell out or need to leave for an emergency, please discuss with management. Leaving without prior discussion will result in cancellation of all future bookings with no refunds.

23. How is footfall counted?
Each customer is counted with a counter at each market.

24. What is the current footfall for each market?

  • Portobello Town Hall: Grew from 400 in June 2023 to over 1000 in December 2023.
  • Greyfriars Hall: Over 580 in March 2024.
  • St Giles: 11,000 over two days.

25. What is the cost of the table?

  • Portobello Town Hall: £60.00
  • Greyfriars Hall: £100.00
  • St Giles: £130.00 per day

26. Do we have waiting lists?
Yes, we keep a list of all makers who have applied for markets to offer any last-minute availability.

27. Do we share the floorplan before markets?
No, but you can request to be next to another maker. Makers’ business names will be on tables upon arrival.

28. Who will be managing the market on market day?
Each market will be managed by the owner or staff.

29. Do we have to apply for all dates?
No, just apply for the ones you are interested in.

30. What is the CANVA image?
We provide a story image for makers/traders to share on their own socials to announce their attendance. THIS IS REQUIRED to be used by ALL Makers.

31. How do we contact Support The Makers?
Please use the Contact Us form or email us at suppthemakers@gmail.com.

32. Access to the venues

  • Portobello Town Hall: Access via main entrance (steps) or side entrance (step-free ramp) from Portobello High Street.
  • St Giles Cathedral: Access details to be shared in due course.
  • Greyfriars Hall: Main entrance on the Cowgate opposite Cowgatehead Road (few steps); step-free access through Eve Restaurant.