Workshops at our Shop on Easter Road

We love hosting creative workshops at our shop on Easter Road and we can work with makers to host a great fun workshop to suit your needs and offer a brilliant creative workshop for our customers.  

We have the following workshops available to book.  

Woodcarving with Scarecrow Wood Crafts 

Friday 26th May 6.00pm – 9.00pm. 

Cost £90.00 per person (all materials included except cut-resistant glove which is required by attendee as custom fitted) 

Learn the basics of caricature carving in the Scandinavian flat-plane style, as well as its history and evolution through the centuries, while practicing the basic knife skills and making your own little whimsical  flat – plane wooden key holder, 

Make Your Own O-mamori



Wednesday 21st June 5.30pm – 7.00pm 

Cost £25.00 per person (all materials included)


Try your hand at making Japanese o-mamori: lucky amulets. No Japanese or crafts knowledge required!


O-mamori are typically sold at shrines and temples in Japan and are popular ways of seeking good luck in exams, employment, health, childbirth and much more. Sold in many different colours and patterns, o-mamori typically have a string attached to them with a traditional decorative knot which means you can easily tie the o-mamori to your bag or hang it somewhere at home.


At this event, we’ll be making our own o-mamori. This involves:

  • Sewing a little pouch out of cloth
  • Writing a wish* on a piece of paper
  • Attaching a piece of string tied with a special knot called nijuu kanō musubi (二重叶結び)

*We’ll be introducing how to write your wish in Japanese (either in Japanese characters or in rōmaji), but you are more than welcome to write in English if you would prefer. 


Don’t worry if you’re not super crafty: we’ll be there to help you with each step of the process. Once your o-mamori is complete, it’s yours to take home.


In addition to the crafts part of this event, we’ll also be talking about other things many Japanese people believe are lucky or unlucky, such as particular foods or words. If you have an upcoming exam, important life event or simply want to improve your day-to-day fortunes, this may be your chance to get some more luck to come your way!.


Punch Needling with The Creative’s

Punch Needling is like drawing with wool.. You will take home your own wooden embroidery hoop with your creation and can put it straight on your wall or dismount the fabric and frame it.  

Saturday 24th June at 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Cost is £35.00 per person.

Christmas Lantern Papercutting Workshop with Papercut Punk.

Friday 8th December – 7.00pm – 9.00pm 

Join Ruth to create a fabulous festive themed paper cutting lantern.  
Suitable for complete beginners and no drawing skills necessary but over 18s only due to sharp blades.

Cost £35.00 per person.