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1.19 low res – Saskia Gavin

Saskia Gavin Jewellery

Saskia finds inspiration in her environment, natural and manmade, picking out shapes, forms, textures, and repeating them, finding pattern and rhythms. Currently she works mostly with silver and copper, using traditional techniques to shape, form and texture the metal. She likes the jewellery she makes to be interesting to feel as well as to look at, she likes to give the wearer something to fiddle with. Her current collection is named after Hutton’s Section, on Salisbury Crags, where James Hutton, father of modern geology, found proof for his theory geological features could not be static but underwent continuing transformation over indefinitely long periods of time.The influence of the rocky landscape is clearly visible in this work featuring striking interrupted lines and kinetic pieces, with elements that may be arranged in different forms.

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