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Fleek and Chic

Fleek and Chic

I lovingly create handmade polymer clay jewellery, resin jewellery and handmade rings - all of which go through rigorous quality testing and are made in a sustainable way to reduce waste! I also sell professional press on nails using salon-quality and professional-only products (as I am an ex-qualified technician on a different career path) which are all hand-painted and designed by me. Along with these products, I also make hand sewn-goods such as purses, wash bags and makeup bags but my key sellers are my earrings. Most are colourful but delicate in nature to cater for all ages and preferences, and there are multiple choices of metal accent such as silver, gold and rose gold. I have a love for hoop earrings so you can see these on show at most markets and on my website

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