I’m Emma, maker of unique decor and accessories, designed to fill your home with fun and colour. Each piece is carefully created to incorporate buttons. You’ll find framed button artwork, banners, key rings and more. 

My husband, daughter and I re-located from Manchester, to a small West Cumbrian town, Cockermouth, in 2018; a little after my daughter was born. Quite the step change, but one that has been the source of so much inspiration.

In the Beginning

In my previous City life, I worked in Financial Services, specialising in Financial Crime prevention. Sounds like a pretty exciting career, doesn’t it? Well I can assure you, for me, it certainly was not. My heart was never in it, I loathed the hum drum commute, the groundhog days in the office, and was frustrated there was no outlet for creativity. 

It may come as a surprise to you, but there is very little call for someone with a tightly honed set of Financial Crime Prevention skills, in the fringes of the Lake District. The likelihood of me finding a similar career in our new home was slim. So, I made the incredibly easy decision, that I would not return to work after my maternity leave. Well, not to the world of Financial Services, anyway. 

The idea of starting a small creative business had been thrown around between my husband and I for a few years, prior to my daughter’s birth. Ever since I made a set of framed button letters to celebrate my twin nieces 1st birthday. Often chitter chatter would turn into logistics and feasibility, suppliers and retailers, products and customers; before the requirement for adulting pushed it to the back of my mind. 

With the UK in the midst of lockdown version 1.0, and some forced time to reflect and take a beat, I decided now was the time to take the plunge. I was never going to get a better push to get things set up. Fuzzy Bumble Boutique was born, and so my small business journey began. I’ve not looked back since.

The why

I take great enjoyment searching for, and finding, that perfect gift for others. When I couldn’t quite find that ‘thing’ I was looking for, to celebrate a friend’s new bundle of joy, a new home, a wedding celebration or engagement. Or finding something unique to give someone for their birthday. I would often find myself reaching for the craft boxes and making something as special as the occasion it was to celebrate.

My perspective shifted after the birth of our daughter, and things I’d passively acknowledged as important, became more so. Our ecological responsibility being one. Whilst searching for gifts, I would often be left disappointed by the lack of recycled materials used, or the disregard for packaging materials. If I was disappointed by this, then surely others are too. 

So the why is two-fold really, what better way to harness that desire to find that perfect thing, then to shift it into creating the perfect gifts instead. Along with ensuring I do so in the most eco-friendly way possible. Making the process of buying a gift that much easier for you! 

All of my pieces are full customisable, whether that be colours, shapes or personalisation. My aim is always to create the perfect design to meet your needs, with a personal touch. 

Community over Competition

Running a small business can be really tough, you are a one-person department in a charge of everything from product creation & development, marketing, photography, logistics to finances. However the support from the Instagram community and resources like Support The Makers are indispensable, it’s these that have kept me motivated to continue on my journey.   

I am so very proud to be a part of the small handmade business community. As well as sharing my creations I am passionate about sharing what small business knowledge I have, and any tips on my socials, even if I do look a fool in my reels!

The Boutique 

So, come on over if you are looking for spectacular gifts for all occasions. From baby showers, birthdays and naming ceremonies, to weddings, anniversaries and Valentines Day; plus everything in between. If you order from Fuzzy Bumble Boutique you’ll have a beautiful keepsake for little ones and loved ones to be treasured throughout the years.

You can always find me on Instagram and my creations on Etsy.