clay play day Tricia Edie

Hi Everyone I’m Tricia from Clay Play Day, thanks so much to Carmen for letting me hop on the blog this month.  

Clay Play Day started nearly 5 years ago after I wanted to create some personalised wedding favours for our own wedding.  Shortly afterwards I was asked to produce a range of Christmas decorations and it took off from there.  I now make clay keepsakes, garlands, favours, bunting and more to be enjoyed all year round.

When I was starting out, it was really important to me that I wanted to be as inclusive as possible.  I wanted to make sure that everything I make can be personalised or tweaked to make it perfect for the person receiving it, whether that be putting their name on it (complete with umlaut or fada), matching their unusual hobby, changing the textures or including their favourite colour for the cord or beads.  

A typical day for me can be anything from fulfilling any orders that have come in from the previous day, preparing wholesale enquiries, getting ready for a live market or dropping off orders but my favourite days are spent coming up with custom designs or my next collection.

Ideas for my ranges can come from anywhere, and when I do have a flash of inspiration I make sure to jot it down on my never-ending list.  I’m really excited for some of the new products I have coming out so stay tuned!!!  My favourites though, are normally ones that have come from creating that perfect quirky design for a customer.  It’s lovely to know that that I’ve been able to make them something they weren’t able to get anywhere.

There are hundreds of options on the website and all can be personalised at the click of a button but for today I’ve popped together a collection of my most recent favourites including some sneaky Christmas previews ;0)

I can’t wait for the next market, but in the meantime, why not pop across to my instagram @clayplayday and say Hello!! Support the Makers is a brilliant and varied collective of makers and I’m so proud to be a part of it. If you haven’t visited one of the live markets or checked out the market place yet, make sure you do as there is a beautiful range of handcrafted products available.