rosie Hay ceramics

I’m Rosie of Rosie Hay Ceramics ( a potter based in South Queensferry on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

I absolutely adore making handmade pottery. What started out as attending pottery classes in Edinburgh turned into a total passion and in October 2019 I invested in my own little studio in my garden, with a kiln to go alongside the pottery wheel I already had, then shortly after Rosie Hay Ceramics was formed. 

This wonderful craft of pottery brings such a meditative experience for me, and I love nothing better than heading out to my studio, sticking on some podcasts and working away for hours on end, often losing track of time completely. It’s been a true joy to have my studio all through lockdown to crack on with making pots whilst I couldn’t go very far or get over to visit my family in Ireland where I originally hail from. I enjoy it so much that I gave up my part time job in September 2020 and committed myself to making pottery more and more, which I now sell through my website, and some lovely stockists throughout Scotland also sell some of my work.

I make lots of different forms of pottery – mugs, bowls, burners, vases, utensil pots, jugs, soapdishes to name a few. I’m always interested in making new things and trying new glazing styles, the possiblilities are literally endless, so I look forward to spending lots of time creating new product ideas and continually learning as well as making lots of pots.

What I also love about pottery is that no two days are the same. In the studio there’s lots of different phases in the making process from throwing, to trimming, then bisque firing in the kiln ahead of glazing and firing again at a higher temperature to complete the process. A little sanding on the bottoms of the pieces to make them smooth and then the pieces are ready to be enjoyed and the making process starts over again. As a small business owner I have to wear many hats and cover all aspects of the business but my favourite without a doubt is the making part.

Now that life is returning to a more normal pace, I’m looking forward to taking part in some markets this year, the first one being Support The Makers Bellfield Market on 6th March. It’s so nice to be able to chat to customers face to face and let people have a feel and an up close look at my work. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook @rosiehayceramics, so pop over there and say hi if you can.

I’m so delighted to be part of Support The Makers alongside lots of very talented small business owners. Hopefully will see you at one of the fairs throughout the year.