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The Pattern Cutters

The Pattern Cutters make dress making pattern that make dressmaking easy and enjoyable for people with varying degrees of experience and ability.

Made in Dunfermline by Lisa Moncur, who has 30 years of experience as a pattern cutter.

We offer you a range of styles that are professionally designed, tried and tested designs. We also offer a selection of fabric yardage that you can purchase to make up your pattern in.
Designing for hobbyists and well-seasoned dressmakers alike, our styles can be created at home with high quality results using just the standard sewing equipment and minimal amount of trims and fuss.

Each pattern comes as either a PDF download or Copyshop prints on high quality paper. A well-illustrated instruction booklet will help you through every step of the way.
We should all be aware of the environmental implications that the clothing industry is having on our planet, and there is no better way to reduce this impact than by making your own clothes.

It is a fact that people who make their own clothes will wear them for longer and therefore step away from today’s throw away fashion.


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