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The Crafty Wee Scot

Hey hey lovelies, my name is Noleen and I have the pleasure of being the creator of The Crafty Wee Scot.
I aim to bring all my lovely customers a little slice of rockabilly with a Scottish twist! Combining my love of the rockabilly culture and iconography wae oor fantastic Scottish slang! You cannae beat a guid bit ae banter, eh?!?
I've always had a passion for crafts and since the pandemic I have managed to find an amazing way to help me unleash my creativity on the world in my weird and unique way.
Resulting in some truly unusual accessories and home wears for all. Making great conversation starters, gifts and wee mindin's tae cheer folk up.
I love seeing people browse my creations and have a chuckle. All my accessories are hand painted and cut with great care. And my home wears and apparel are also now starting tae grow as more people want to expand their range and collect my creations to help express their mood or just fur a guid laugh.
Oor wee range of sayings and creations will continue to grow and hopefully oor customers will grow wae us too.

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