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Roxy’s Threads

My name’s Carina, owner and maker of Roxy’s Threads based in Sheffield. I’m a Graphic Designer and have been for 12 years, so naturally creative, a weekend volunteer at The Blue Cross pet charity and I’m totally obsessed with dogs. My small business is named after my boxer dog Roxy, who is a 9 year old professional sleeper and chicken addict.

Why did I start Roxy’s Threads? As Roxy runs, skips and jumps into her 10th year she inspired me to create this ‘legacy’ on her behalf, which she can leave behind when she is no longer by my side; something that will continue to grow and keep her soul alive; a coping mechanism for me when the time comes to say goodbye. I also love to see her looking her best everyday and what better way to look than in a bow tie made by her mamma! 

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